about me

Lena Olson is a freelance writer and producer for hire. 


Born in Arizona and raised overseas, Los Angeles is the weirdest place she has ever lived. Lena graduated from the University of Arizona with a BA in Film and Television, and a minor in Creative Writing. She moved to LA to do comedy and write for TV. She has worked as a Production Assistant, Writers' Assistant, and Associate Producer in comedies like The Middle, Young Sheldon, and SYFY's The Movie Show.

If you want to know what her voice sounds like, check out her podcast, The RomCom Effect, which she co-hosts, produces, and edits.

If you're looking for a podcast producer, please contact her for further information.

Lena has written for online publications like Geek & Sundry and The Financial Diet. You can see examples of her work under the Portfolio tab. For examples of her screenwriting, please contact her directly.


Lena enjoys watching too much tv, sewing, riding her bike, and listening to podcasts. You can often find her sitting on her balcony watching the hummingbirds.

The Women's Convention and What It Means to Be An Activist

The Women's Convention got a lot of heat leading up to the event after they announced Sen. Bernie Sanders would be a speaker. Eventually it snowballed into a rumor that he would be the keynote speaker (when it was actually always going to be Rep. Maxine Waters). Why give a man such a coveted opportunity over the many women who have been marginalized by our patriarchal society? The outrage and criticism was rightfully expressed and the organizers of the convention listened. Senator Sanders stepped out and the event became centered on women again.

What Happened When I Became A Caregiver To My Dying Father In My Mid-20s

Watching someone you love slowly die of something you cannot prevent or lessen is the worst form of emotional torture imaginable. I wouldn’t wish the experience on my worst enemy. But life doesn’t care if what it throws at you is hard, impossible, unimaginable — it presses on, and it’s up to you to decide how to deal with it. It’s an unfortunate inevitability of life that one day you will have to take care of a sick loved one. And if you don’t, that’s because someone is probably taking care of you.

How Improv Can Make You A Better Roleplayer

Have you ever seen Who’s Line Is It Anyway? The long running show on ABC with Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles and Wayne Brady brought improv theater to the main stream in the 90s and is continuing to do so with its reboot on the CW. While the short, quippy games they play aren’t representative of the entire art form, it’s a good point of reference to start from. If you go to an improv theater like the Upright Citizen’s Brigade (UCB) in NYC and LA, or the Second City in Chicago, you’ll find them doing long-form improv. Long-form is an improvised set of scenes based off a one-word suggestion or short monologue. Scene partners work together to create a believable world with grounded characters, all while sticking to a narrative structure. Improvisers learn how to do this by following a universal set of rules. When you look at the rules of improv, it’s easy to see parallels with playing RPGs. 

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